weekend pickthrough- lazy saturday edition.

11 04 2010

i declare the mermaid pants hangover officially cured. admittedly, it took 12 hours of sleep, 2 netflix movies, $30 worth of indian food, and 4 new pairs of shoes… but i’m finally starting to feel normal again. well, as normal as i ever do. again, apologies for the lack of content this week. i even blew off the weekend picktrhough on friday, which is traditionally the easiest piece for me to write, because i don’t really actually have to write anything. however, due to lots of work at work and lack of sleep, my time for link hoarding was dramatically cut down. so today, i hoard for you on the fly (which i’m sure will be crazy-town), and give you promises that i’ll try harder next week.

bad tony visits maine. set your tivos! (and apparently simply divine brownies are going to be on unwrapped too)

not that i needed any help gaining the freshman 15, but this information would have been incredibly valuable when i was in college.

some quiet reflections on last week’s topless protest. why is it that when maine gets in the national news, it’s always about tits?

who wants to take the subway with me to acadia? i’ll meet you on the blue line at thunder hole.

ice-t  always knows exactly what to say.

i kind of hate this guy because he’s cute and has more subscribers than i do, but he did teach me how to make money by selling wine corks.

i can’t even keep a cactus alive, so what chance do you think i have of growing a successful salsa garden?

if you still want a whack at that free bathrobe, money saving maine-iac has what you want.

everything you might have missed about the recent portland POTUS visit.