weekend pickthrough- burning hot dog factory edition.

6 05 2010

what a weird fucking day. standing in my office talking to a co-worker, when i look out the window and see huge billows of black smoke  puffing into the sky roughly a block from where i work. oh, the old abandoned hot dog factory is on fire. BIG FIRE. it looked like the black smoke monster from lost was attacking the city. fascinating, beautiful, scary. and then the power went out, and work became completely un-operational. so everyone went home.  seriously. weird. day.

as a result, this weekend pickthrough is extra weird. we got your trolls, your boobs, your miracle meat products… in short, we got your crazy right here:

space gallery gets the BEST MOVIES. no seriously, see the best worst movie ever on june 9th and/or 11th. (don’t forget your green mouth ooze)

the marvelous @brentdanley gives his account of the infamous portland topless march. my personal favorite moment involves a photo of his 10 year old daughter and the caption “skye was nonplussed by boobs”.

a website called all4women claims to have 13 magical uses for cucumbers. um, i think they missed one.

want everything to taste like bacon (for free)? the portland penny pincher gives us the hook up. (oh, and it’s totally vegetarian)

this website makes my heart big with its unbearable cuteness. craft crush! or if you’re not into cute, how about just INSANE (as it applies to sandwiches)?

these people are going have some seriously out of control library fines. (and probably also a heaping side of jail time)

the southern maine vegans have banded together! (and they’re pimping out papou’s truly perfect falafel, so they can’t possibly be bad)

holy shit. this is the most amazing/gross/hilarious/wonderful twitter follower i’ve ever inadvertently cultivated.