geriatric mambo.

2 11 2009

geriatric_needs_oandp09rite aid is for the elderly again this week (from flexamin to fiberchoice and back again) . which is fantastic, if you’re over 75… but i’m very much not, which means no real deals for me. there are a few small bits and pieces that i might pick up if i’m in the bargaining mood… but i think i might also skip this week and save myself for some slightly livlier deals:

always maxi pads, liners, and tampax tampons are on sale for $2.99 with a $2 SCR. use any number of $1/1 or $1/2 coupons floating around, and you can have those suckers for free or cheap.

febreze air effects– which i deem to be the least offensive of the spray air fresheners, is on sale this week for $2.49 with a $1 SCR. there was a $1/1 in this weekend’s p&g brandsaver, getting you a can for just $.50.

cheap cereal! there’s a $.50 in-ad coupon for certain kellogg’s & kashi cereals this week, plus it’s on sale for $2.49.  if i use a couple of my vocalpoint $1.50 off kashi go lean coupons, i could get myself a box for $.50.

mentos gum is on sale for $.99, and i have a couple of $.55/1 coupons from the 9/13 smartsource. $.44 is pretty good i guess… but i remember when gum used to cost $.25, and i’m not that old!

crest & oral b– there were an assortment of $1/1 coupons in this week’s p&g brandsaver, when combined with the $2.50 sale and $1 SCR, could equal $.50 toothbrushes or toothpaste.

lastly, since i’m always looking for prilosec/omeprazole… 42 count boxes of prilosec are on sale this week for $24.99 with a $6 SCR. i also have a $3/1 coupon from both last month & this month’s p&g brandsaver… which when combined with a $5/$25 (it looks like the link is gone… but if you printed your 2 and save them…) could equal $10.99 prilosec- which is pretty good for prilosec, but rite aid brand omeprazole works just as well, and is significantly cheaper- even after coupons.

rite aid news flash.

26 10 2009

photostreet legal! there’s a new $4/$20 printable coupon (you get 2 prints) @ today!

bogo pogo! when i went to rite aid on my lunch break, i priced out some of the things i hoped would be free and turned out not to be (but are still very excellent deals):

tone 2-pack soap bogo- $2.99 w/two $1/1 printables= $.99 for 2 (or $.50 each).

arm & hammer dental bogo- $3.99 (and up) with $3/2 from the 8/16 smartsource= $.99 for 2 (or $.50 each)

halls refresh bogo (with in-ad coupon)- $2.49 with 2 $1/1 from the 9/27 smartsource= $.49 for 2 (or $.25 each)

photo(2)free! if you buy 2 tone soap, 4 arm & hammer dental, 2 halls refresh, and use your $4/$20 coupon, you can get everything for free- AND have $.54 cents left over to boot.

contest! the fine ladies & gents of rite aid # 03277 (290 congress st.- portland 04101) are participating in some sort of competition (not sure if it’s regional or local or what) where the store that sells the most crystal lake water will win some sort of prize or party or something like that. sketchy as it may be, i love my rite aid (the nicest cashiers of any rite aid or cvs i’ve ever been to). if you’re thirsty and in the area- show the love!!!

pez!!! i spied with my little eye… RITE AID PEZ DISPENSERS! so kick ass.

weekend pickthrough- albino edition

24 10 2009

white asparagusthings are happening! 

harvest on the harbor is happening all weekend, and is a hotbed for free samples! sure you can pay $35 bucks to go to some of the fancier events, but why bother when there’s cool stuff happening for free. load up!

$5 printmaking workshop at space gallery. everything they do is beautiful (their current window exhibit is all sorts of stunning). make something to show at next week’s first friday. be an art star!

hot goods! maybe ebay isn’t dangerous enough for you? your good buy girl has alerted me to the existence of the property room. those stolen goods have to go somewhere after case closed. your house?

also via good buy girl- trade stocks with pretend money! maybe you don’t have the money right now exactly, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to play the stock market like the big boys.  

rite aid as usual has some kick ass SCR deals, and just some goddamn good prices on things that might actually be useful. free light bulbs, kotex, moneymaking vaseline lotion, and not that anyone cares, but my beloved omeprazole is on sale for $11.99 (with in ad coupon).

cvs is a little weak this week (another blood glucose monitor? seriously?), but i did notice a hardcore deal possibility in the dove & degree deodorant aisle. $10 extrabucks back when you buy $20 worth of select products. dove is my brand! buy six (2 dove, 4 degree) for $21. i have 4 $1/1 degree coupons, and one $1.50/2 dove coupons, which after extrabucks, makes 5 deodorants for $4.50. and maybe you still have one of those $5/$25 coupons from the flu quiz… i know if you want it bad enough- you can probably get them for free. 

shaw’s. white asparagus never goes on sale ($1.88)!!! also, $1 avocados, and i’m pretty sure you can get free halloween candy when you buy an itunes gift card. 

coupon goddess knows how to keep it classy– even when she’s sarcastically eviscerating a constipated check out lady. i love knowing that moms in sweater sets and keds want to punch people in the face sometimes too.

foreign rite-aids and miscalculations…

20 10 2009

DSCN2133i always get excited about visiting rite-aids in other towns, and i don’t know why. they’re always pretty much the same. although i have noticed that they do seem to be getting bigger- and more like department stores than ever. when visiting the machias area this summer, i noticed that the rite aid was pretty much the biggest store in town- yet it didn’t seem all that different from my neighborhood scum-town rite-aid in portland. anyway, whilst pumpkining in keene, i was able to bring to fruition all of my planned deals for the week.

except that somehow (even in a WORLD WITHOUT SALES TAX), i still managed to come in $1.23 off my math. i really aught to be more careful… i bought 2 more zone bars than i needed to, and i also didn’t manage to print out the $.25  sobe lifewater coupon, but i bought it anyway.  $1.25 wasted. although i saw the toilet paper at walmart for over $8 yesterday- and i did feel a little better. after SCR, i will still only have spent $4.72 oop. i’ve done worse!

on a somewhat related note, my gift of savings gift card was mailed out on the 9th, but i still haven’t gotten it yet! my $10 zyrtec check got here yesterday?! what gives?

from a far off land.

18 10 2009

photoposting remotely from the pumpkinfest in keene new hampshire. kind of disappointing really. $250 for a hotel room, the line for funnel cake was a 45 minute wait (settled for truly mediocre apple crisp instead), and there were NO APPLE DONUTS! outrageous. we’re making the best of it by getting take-out chinese, watching good cable (we only get 12 channels at home) in our king-size bed, and cashing in on tomorrow morning’s complimentary breakfast buffet (i suppose it’s not so complimentary for $250 a night).

anyway, taking a minute out in the “business center” (which is essentially a tiny little glassed in terrarium in the middle of the hotel lobby) to catch up on some of my scores from earlier this week:

1. CVS- finally got my free neosporin lip balm (although the newbie cashier almost didn’t let me have it because the coupon was for more than the sale price *oof*). i also got a copy of this month’s reinventing beauty magazine! this is the first time i’ve ever seen a current one in a local cvs, so i grabbed it.  mysteriously, they also had a fistful of just the coupon inserts hanging out on a shelf in the beauty section (this is the forest ave. cvs near the burger king in portland). anyway, since they won’t let me have coupons on clearance items, i took 3 of those too. spiteful! damage- $.99

2. rite aid. my allergies were killing me, so i decided to try out the allergen block (a little weird, but actually helps) SCR deal, and grabbed the carmex deals as well. the carmex lady lip balm… or whatever it’s called is my new favorite thing (and to think, since i got that coupon, it made me $1.50).  i checked my SCR status today, and i’m up to $30 back, and the month is far from over.  also, frugalsuz has alerted me to some  very sweet olay oriented rebates that i might work on next (considering i’ll be $9 deep into olay pretty soon).

3. mail call- i didn’t think i was getting them, but i finally received my kashi go lean coupons!!! my boyfriend loves this crap, so it will be nice to get him some healthy cereal, after the 10 boxes of kind of crap cereal that he just finished tearing through. two $3/1 coupons (which should equal free at walmart), and a bunch of $1.50/1 that will also come in handy i’m sure. but seriously vocalpoint– WHERE’S MY OLAY PROX?!

anyway, i’ve been doing a ton of thrifting on my trip, and will post tomorrow. but right now, my bean curd and vegetable soup is getting cold, and there are unruly ill-parented children racing around the lobby screaming and banging on the piano. time to make my exit.

boner for rite aid.

17 10 2009

Earns Rite Aid


oh rite aid. with your sexy sexy deals that just keep on coming like a wild fire. this week has a boatload of SCR deals, although it’s mostly pharmaceuticals, and i’m just not into it. too many things that can take up room in my medicine cabinet and then expire before i have a chance to use them. 

however, there are a number of low price options that are worth loading up on:

1. eos lip balm (my chapstick addiction)- $1.99 with $1.99 SCR

2. halls cough drops- 2 bags @ $1/ea. with $1/2 from the 9-27 smart source= $1 for 2 bags, or $.50/ea.

3. 6 oz. lubriderm lotion- $2.99 /ea. with $2/1 from the 10-11 redplum= $.99

4. quench body lotion- 2 for $9 matched with my sweet bogo and $3/1 coupons from this month’s marie claire- 2 for $1.50 or $.75/ea.

5. zone bars 5/$5- 4 for $4 plus the 2 bogo coupons that i got from signing up for the zone vip club. $2 for 4 or $.50/ea.

6. quilted northern 12-pack- $6.49 combined with $2/1 video values coupon, and the $1/1 printable from here= $3.50 for $12 rolls. not so bad. 

7. 5/$5 sobe lifewater- 1 @ $1 with the $.25 coupon from video values, and this printable for another $.25= 1 for $.50.

all 7 items (retail value $25.47) for $8.49 (after SCR). if i was really smart, i would find myself a $5/$25 and get the whole situation for $3.49 after SCR.

feeding my addiction.

11 10 2009

carmexsince i just started my descent into the skeezy depths of the rite aid gift of savings/ zyrtec rewards/ single check rebate programs, i haven’t actually gotten any savings certificates back yet. also, the world seems to have dried up of $5/$25 coupons (and i don’t feel comfortable using this one again), which we all know are the key to big fun savings.  anyway, there are a ton of SCR offers in this week’s flier, but very few of them apply to me and the rules i have about things i will and won’t bring into my house.  HOWEVER, on the very back page, there are some sweet deals on carmex that i can’t refuse. i am a total lip-balm junkie (i carry it everywhere and apply it incessantly), and carmex is one of my very favorite brands. so i’ll be picking up:

carmex moisture plus lip balm. on sale for $2.29 with a $2.29 SCR, and there’s a $1.50/1 coupon that you might still be able to get here, which will make you $1.50 richer at the end of the day.

carmex lip balm 3-pack. on sale for $1.99, with a $1.99 SCR. no current coupon for these, but if you sign up for email alerts on their website, you be the first to know when another one is floating around out there. 

chloraseptic allergenblock. i have heinous allergies, and right now is dying leaf, spore, dust mite breeding season here is good ole maine, and i am DYING. you already know that i’m mainlining zyrtec, but it’s never enough. this seems like a cool idea that would be worth trying for free- although i’m kind of broke right now and don’t know how i feel about the OOP expense. i moved in june, and purged all of my old coupons- there was a $3/1 for this from back in may that’s still good. bummer!

herbal essences & stylers. on sale 2/$5. there’s a super-hot buy one shampoo/conditioner/styler get one styler free coupon in this sunday’s P&G supplement, + i have a $1/1 from a past red plum that will get me 2 products for $1.50. 

all 4 items together after coupons & SCR- free!

rite aid is gross this week.

5 10 2009

dentures_glassi mean, my rite aid is gross every day. at least our sudden bout of torrential rain this weekend washed away the vomit and pee smell from out back. i’m serious, my rite aid is out of control. but even more seriously rite aid- scalpicin? polygrip? no thank you. i don’t care how free it is. i don’t care if i make money buying it. if it’s not usable for me (or my immediate family) or donatable, then i don’t buy it. ever. i refuse to burden my household with 58 accu-check blood glucose monitors!! there are however, still a few hidden (and not so hidden) deals worth scoring:

1. more $3 zyrtec! theres an in-ad $8/2 when you buy the $14.99 eye drops (which i’ve been meaning to try), and the 30 count zyrtec ($18.99). so, if i combine that with the two $4/1 coupons i have for each product, and the $5 off $20 from the video values– october edition, it takes it all down to $12.98 OOP.  then, after last week’s zyrtexplosion, that will push me over the $50 edge for zyrtec rewards, to get a $10 gift card. woot!

2. free soup. fall is here, which means grilled cheese and soup season. nothing beats campbell’s tomato soup, except maybe free campbell’s tomato soup (or chicken noodle if you’re into that sort of thing). $.50 ea.  + this $1/2 coupon, and you’re all set.

3. $1 craisins. has $1/1 craisins for rite aid only this week, and they just happen to be on sale for $4/2 (as detailed in last week’s weekend pickthrough).

4. $1 band aids. on sale this week for $2 ea. everyone else seems to be reporting a $.50/1 coupon for band aids, but i know for positive that maine got $1/1 in a recent SS insert. the bf works in a bindery, and is constantly covered in cuts. time to stock up.


1 10 2009

zyrtec freebiei have debilitating environmental allergies and asthma. thanks dad! a few things i’m allergic to (in addition to good old fashioned hay fever) are:

cats, rabbits (including & especially angora sweaters), birch trees, grass, dust mites, pollen… basically, it’s tough for me to exist in the world comfortably without a daily allergy medication. (my boyfriend makes a lot of jokes about needing to keep me in a bubble). anyway, i found zyrtec almost 10 years ago when it was still prescription, and i had a several year long bout with chronic hives (worst. thing. ever.). anyway, now i take one every single day (2-3 if i’m going to be in an allergy-rich environment), and it’s expensive as hell. about $30 a bottle for 45 pills without a coupon at a regular drug store or supermarket. usually, i buy it at sam’s club (where you get 75 pills for about $30), but thanks to moms need to know via money saving mom (i know, but the mommies know their shit), i found out how to get 45 pills for $2.87. SOLID.

usually, 45 pills at rite aid go for $29.99, but this week  they’re on sale for $24.99.  i bought the pills & an $.88 granola bar to tip me over the $25  ($25.87 to be exact) mark, so i could use the $5/$25 that i lifted from here, which brought me down to $19.99. then i added a $4 off coupon from some RedPlum past, which made my out of pocket $16.87 before tax. now, there’s a $4 single check rebate on the 45 count zyrtec this week, which can be double dipped with SCR #75 which takes off another $10 when you buy $25 worth of select products (zyrtec & the tylenol i bought yesterday included), bringing it all down (as promised) to $2.87. oh, and the purchase put me over the $100 mark on my gift of savings, which means that my $20 gift card is on the move. eat that sam’s club. 

weirdly, i got my zyrtec free sample in the mail today from walmart. 1 pill and a lousy $2 coupon.  ever since the texas pete scandal, the freebies have been bunk.

rite aid rally.

30 09 2009

riteaidso there’s a new walgreens coming to town, and i’m kind of weirded out about it. i’m such an old lady- resistant to change. already the landscape of portland has changed so much over the last 5 years. i barely recognize my city anymore. that said, the bargain factor could certainly stand an upping these days. my beloved cvs has been a complete wasteland for the last few weeks. i have however, found some love with rite aid. they started putting these $5/$25 coupons all over the place (, video values, signing up for email updates…). anyway, despite the fact that it’s the sketchiest, hobo-iest, crack-whoriest place in town (like junkies paying for their oxy with pennies, and 4 out of 5 people in line are already drunk at 10 am), i’ve been spending a lot of time there. my latest conquest:

tylenol 8-hour bogo- $5.99 + 2 $2/1 coupons- $1.99 for 2

suave shampoo @ $.99/ea. + $1/2 coupon- $.99 for 2

softsoap body wash @ 3.99 + $2/1 in-ad coupon & $1/1 coupon- $.99 for 1

oral b advantage toothbrush @ $2.69 + $1/1 coupon- $1.69 for 1

cottonelle freshmates @ $3.49 + $.50/1 coupon & bogo coupon- $2.99 for 2

$5/$25 coupon makes the total before tax= $3.65 + SCR of $2.69= $.96

*i need to fess up and be honest here. i accidentally bought the wrong toothbrush, and didn’t get the SCR deal, and actually ended up paying $2.99 for it. boo-urns. i blame it on the way-too-cute-to-be-working-at-the-sketchball-rite-aid boy who was restocking the dental aisle. so really honestly $4.94 before tax. still not bad. at least i get another $28 bucks to add to my gift of savings total. only $20 of pre-coupon spending away from my $20 gift card! i’ll feel less bad about botching the deal when i’m playing with their money.

*UPDATE* i went online to check my gift of savings balance ($78!), and found out that even though i bought the wrong toothbrush ($3.99 instead of $2.69), i still get the $2.69 SCR! that means my before tax total is $2.25. SOLID.