IKEA BUS-save the date!

6 04 2012

i’m hoping to get ticket sales up and running next week while i’m recuperating, but in the meantime… i have rented a bus. if you want to ride the ikea bus 2.0, you might want to put the date MAY 19TH on your calendars. but now, i must rest (it’s 2 am and tomorrow is surgery day).



10 responses

6 04 2012

Good luck with your surgery. I hope it goes smoothly.

15 04 2012

thanks lynn! i will be back in one piece very soon.

6 04 2012

Yes, good luck with the surgery! I do want to go to Ikea someday, and my lack of transportation to the nearest store makes this bus trip sound like a decent option. I might have to do it this year.

15 04 2012

thanks corey! i would love to have you on the bus. i could totally cut you a deal if you wanted to be the “official IKEABUS photographer” šŸ˜€

6 04 2012
Bingo Beads Julie

Hey lady – hope everything went well today!

15 04 2012

thanks julie! i’m finally coming up for air. details forthcoming.

8 04 2012

Goooood luck! I may or may not be able to IKEA bus. I am leaving for Aruba on the 20th (I think…or the 21st). So I should probably be packing for Aruba and not spending monies. However, the Aruba resort is all inclusive, so it’s not like I am going to be spending all my monies on booze while I am there. So…I MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO.

15 04 2012

OMG ARUBA! you should stay home and pack and rest! but if you want me to get anything for you, please send me a list.

11 04 2012

I hope the procedure went well… I hadvthe same done two days ago… Wore the patch…. No vomiting or nausea but very constipated. Stayed in the hospital for one night… Loved the pain pump.. They would not let me take it home. Just resting now and the cramps are pretty bad.. No bowel movement yet. I hope they send u home with good pain meds.

15 04 2012

two days and you’re already on the internet! i also got the pain patch, and despite many other medical stumbles, i did not end up throwing up. i miss the pain pump still. hope you are recovering well! and not to give out spoilers from tomorrow’s post… but i didn’t poop for 5 days. solidarity! let me know how you’re doing!

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