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26 09 2011

supplemental income! turn ye not to the red light trades, but instead open an Etsy account or sell collectibles you’re willing to part with on the Ebay? That’s how I’ve made $6k less per year work for the last two years! 🙂

3 10 2011

yeah, but you have a thing that you do! i’ve never been able to find an etsy idea that really worked for me. i’m jealous of your niche!

26 09 2011
Corey Templeton

I for one admire your decision. I know that I would be taking a pay cut if I landed a job in a field that I found fulfilling. Perhaps your success will inspire me to someday make the leap.

3 10 2011

thanks corey. here’s hopin that it doesn’t completely blow up in my face. what’s your dream leap?

26 09 2011
Chris Cavs

Grats on the new job! I know how you feel about taking the pay cut. I did that when I moved to Maine, and I just did it again working at Baxter Brewing, but man, I love working there, and I love living in Maine. So, it works out in the end.

3 10 2011

i actually know a lot of people taking pay cuts for happiness lately. it’s kind of weird. you would think that people would be holding on to every dime they can grab in this shit economy… but i almost think that it has made people reevaluate their lives a little and decided that maybe chasing those dollar signs isn’t worth it after all.

26 09 2011

Congrats! There is a lot to be said for job happiness, it’s the reason I am at a job I agreed to only work for 1 year but am still there 3 years later. I like being happy, for me autonomy is huge but I freely admit earning less can be rough at times. Especially when my peers are headed towards 6 figures and well 6 figures is nowhere in my future.

Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith and trust that it will all work out. Congrats as well on making 2 yrs with the blog.

3 10 2011

thanks! i’m not that excited about the pay cut, but i’m hoping that the happiness will distract me. 6 figures seems like a delusional dream for me too, and i’m sort of ok with that. not having any money keeps me from being lazy and taking the nice things that i have for granted. i think it’s easier to be satisfied when small luxuries feel like big ones. or at least that’s what i tell myself so i don’t feel like a failure 😀

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