cheap eats- thirsty piggin it.

5 08 2011

not to be confused with “porky piggin it”, which is the condition of wearing a shirt, but no pants or underwear (a la porky pig).

i love a hot dog. red hot dogs. foot long hot dogs. 7-11 roller hot dogs… in my meat eating days, i would shovel down those natural casing lovelies (THE SNAP!) like they were going out of style. and then i became a vegetarian, and my hot dog prospects became instantly very very grim. tofu pups? seriously?

over time, i have managed to find some work arounds. i’m a big fan of the yves  veggie dogs, i think they have the most realistic hot dog flava available in the mass consumer fake meat marketplace (especially when buried under sauerkraut, onions, and spicy mustard). they’re even better if you grill them in a pan with butter (sorry vegans!).  as it turns out, they are slightly less good if you roast them over a fire.  surprise! it’s blister covered corpse dogs!

although the worst thing about it is that i can’t just stroll through tommy’s park and grab a red snapper from mark’s on a summer afternoon… or any one of portland’s many varied and awesome hot dog stands. it sucks. so when linda bean’s famous bullshit chowder something something shut down, and the thirsty pig moved in (and actually carried a veggie dog), i was pretty fucking excited.

SAUSAGE RESTAURANT. super simple menu with a few good sausages (all locally made i’m told) and a few good beers served in exactly the kind of atmosphere where beers and sausages are best enjoyed. lots of wood. sweet deck. no excruciating symphony flat tvs blaring multiple sports (just one i think).  room for live music if needed.

i stopped in for lunch a few weeks ago, and you will see from this photo, that i devoured my hot dog so fast that i forgot to take a picture of it in full sauerkrauted glory. it’s not so much that my veggie dog was any more wonderful than any other dog previously available to me, but it was nicely grilled on a perfectly toasted bun with a side of B&M vegetarian beans (which are the superior vegetarian baked bean BTW) and and allagash white (don’t tell my boss that i was drinking during the work day). for $6, it it was exactly what i wanted. it tasted like summer, and made me forget for a second how superbly crappy it can be sometimes to give up meat for ethical reasons, when you still remember how delicious it is.

i spoke with the owner briefly, and she was both sweet and spunky, and very committed to getting the majority of her food locally produced. also, who doesn’t love a woman whose dream is to own a sausage and beer restaurant? WHO?

*please note that the thirsty pig is in no way affiliated with the linda bean extravaganza.  she does still carry the linda bean lobster roll on the menu, but that is merely a condition of her sublease.

i heard a rumor that chicago dogs out in scarborough also has a veggie dog. has anyone tried it? i am also presently seeking suggestions for new and exciting hot dog toppings.  discuss.



14 responses

5 08 2011

How have I not been to the Thirsty Pig yet?! I’ve heard rumors of happy hour beer specials and peanuts. I must go. Maybe tonight.

14 08 2011

did you go yet? was it awesome? allagash white goes great with hot dogs.

6 08 2011

yes there are good (very good) veggie dogs at Chicago Dogs, too. But I still dig the Thirsty Pig!

14 08 2011

i dig the thirsty pig because i can walk to it from my house. and because it has a nice outside deck. and because they use as much local food as they can. and because they are in no way affiliated with linda bean. that said, there is room for multiple veggie dogs in my life!

6 08 2011

ALLIE!!!! I am so going to eat a veggie dog with veggie baked beans. THIS IS THE BEST ENTRY EVER. I also love hot dogs, but am a vegetarian.

14 08 2011

bobbi, we need to hang out. we have absolutely too much in common not to.

6 08 2011

Ah! I’m so glad to hear that they aren’t owned by Linda Bean. I was so worried.

14 08 2011

i’m really shocked at how many people think that! they really need to put a sign up out front letting people know, i’m sure it’s costing them business!

15 09 2011

I’m boycotting because it IS owned by Linda Bean.

15 09 2011

i tried so hard to find a private way to contact them… email… anything, but i ended up posting on their facebook wall pointing this out. the owner ASSURED me that they were not affiliated (other than having to keep the lobster roll on the menu as a condition of her sublease), so hopefully this is a mistake/misunderstanding 😦

7 08 2011

pickle spears (sour-ish ones) and ketchup. so good. i was first turned on to it in buffalo new york. everyone is doing it there.

14 08 2011

ooh. i’m not a relish fan, but i could do pickles. i’m also curious to try out the classic chicago dog

9 08 2011

Chicago Dog’s veggie dog is definitely worth the trip! They have a condiment bar there that even boasts banana peppers and, oh yeah, Eli’s Root Beer on tap. Best “last minute lunch before going to the beach for five hours to drink” joint, ever.

14 08 2011

ooh, that’s good to know. i also love going to the beach to drink for 5 hours. except for last time when i got an epic sunburn. less fun.

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