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9 06 2011

so, i wrote a post for the goodwill of northern new england blog today about my insane vintage fabric collection… but i’m not sure when it will be put up. unfortunately, my broke207 post for today is the B side to that post. and of course,  i don’t have a back up plan.

so today, you’re just gonna have to watch the outtakes of the of the movie before you actually see the feature attraction.

i’ve been watching a lot of hoarders lately, and it is SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF ME. i’m a shopper, a collector, and a lousy housekeeper. i do actually delight in throwing/giving things away, and my house is never so messy that it can’t be cleaned in an afternoon… but as a card carrying member of the OCD club, i worry that something traumatic could happen and all of the sudden that switch could click on in my head and *bam* i could be living in this.

i sincerely hope that will never happen, but perhaps now is the right time to do a little preventative maintenance.

in photographing my sewing room for the fabric article, it occurred to me that although meticulously organized and carefully styled, there is just TOO MUCH CRAP in that tiny room. in fact, there is too much crap in my whole house. and after 2 seasons of hoarders, i’m starting to feel like it’s all closing in on me. the things that i’ve acquired over the years may be pretty sweet or really good deals (usually both),  but I CAN NOT KEEP BUYING NEW THINGS BECAUSE THIS 1,100 SF CONDO HAS HIT MAX CAPACITY. it’s not a good deal if it comes wrapped up in a protective candy coating of stress and anxiety (and dust. dusting is lame).

i’ve decided that i need to pare down my life to a more manageable level. i’ll never be a minimalist (and that’s ok), but it’s time to let go. this weekend, it’s go time- everything must go time.  clothes, kitchen stuff, books, fabric, toys, paperwork, stuff i meant to sell on ebay but never got around to… i’m gonna purge so hard that i’ll probably pop a brain vessel or something. just in case, i’m allergic to penicillin, and i want to be buried in giant tupperware.

can i get a shout out from my minimalist peeps (if they exist)! how do you resist the siren song of STUFF? are you good at letting go, or just not buying crap in the first place? seriously, somebody tell me how it works. i need to learn.




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9 06 2011

if you’re starting to think you have too much stuff, there’s no hope for me. please share any new-found wisdom because while the “slow but steady” cleansing approach is making progress, at this rate I will have a clean, storage-space-free existence in the year 2074…
ps – how did you get a pic of my living room? 😉

12 06 2011

there’s help for both of us kat! my friend laura is coming over to help me purge my closet, and i’m gonna scrape everything off my shelves and start over. why just yesterday, i threw away an entire paper box of old bills and shit and it felt totally amazing. it has occurred to me very recently how little i actually “need”.

9 06 2011

Whenever I think I’m purging like a MoFo, I can’t see any real difference when I’m done. So I just don’t bother!

12 06 2011

that’s so depressing! although i see your point. if this mega-purge doesn’t cure what ails me, i quit.

9 06 2011

Um…so I was thinking “I totally need to do this too!!!” but by the end when you said you were getting rid of everything I was then thinking “I TOTALLY HOPE SHE HAS AN AWESOME YARD SALE!” Then I realized I have an even bigger problem than I thought…

12 06 2011

this made me laugh so hard! i’m totally the same way. i’m a stuff-amasser to the max. although as i’m sitting on my couch responding to these comments, i’m seeing at least 10 things on my shelves that i could happily live without. the time has come, i’m ready to purge.

10 06 2011
amanda jennifer

I am the queen of throwing things away. Clutter is the worst, especially if you don’t ave enough space for everything. Regularly I donate bags of clothes, like twice a year. And every time I move (lately, it’s been yearly) there’s a decent pile of free stuff on the side of the road.

This usually works- I try to live simply, and occasionally I’ll be irritated with myself for giving away those dishes/magazine archives/clothes that I thought I never wore… but the irritation/regret is fleeting, and it leaves me with room for more things and the opportunity for a fresh start.

12 06 2011

irritation IS fleeting. that is actually really brilliant advice. i’m sure that there is very little that i own that i couldn’t get used to living without if i had to, and the joy that a tidy space will bring me will far outweigh any irritation that might occur should i give something away that i later need. if you’ll excuse me, i must go purchase some garbage bags.

10 06 2011

okay so i’m a major minimalist.
i write a fashion blog, work as a full-time fashion copy writer AND — i only own a garment rack of clothes.

i literally won’t buy an item unless i give one away. which results in a closet of items that i truly love rather than a shit ton of stuff i don’t wear.

shall we do a post on a closet purge session for you? i can help.

12 06 2011

you can totally come help me purge my closet! that’s actually a really great idea. I NEED HELP! i got rid of a lot during the swap, but there is still way too much. teach me your secrets.

12 06 2011

so..did you get your condo cleaned out, or does it still look like a hoarders episode? i break out in hives at the site of clutter. i throw shit out that i realize later i need. i have a huge walk in closet that is half full. i hate dusting, so i try to keep less stuff to dust. don’t envy me, i have plenty of other problems!

12 06 2011

it’s not so much that it ever really looked like a hoarders episode… just that it was starting to approach “too much” stuff on the shelves. i’ll never be a minimalist, but i can totally do better. so far it’s slow going, but i just cleaned out a bunch of crap from my kitchen, and am presently scouring my living room shelves for things that can go away. i’ll keep you posted! although you might need to come up here and give me some tough love. possibly with an aluminum bat.

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