long weekend pickthrough- FULL REBOOT edition.

1 06 2011

you know when you have a crappy old computer, and if you keep it on without restarting it for a while, it starts to run slower and slower and slower and fills you with increasingly more and more and more rage? well, that’s where i was last week. trying to remain functional without shutting off and getting less and less effective with every passing day. like that shitty gateway laptop your grandma gave you for college graduation.

this week, i decided it was finally time to reboot. i unapologetically shut my laptop on tuesday evening, and didn’t open it up again until today. i slept. i ate. i read! i even went to yoga like a fully functional human being. it was awesome. it’s not that i didn’t do anything while i was out, i just didn’t put any pressure on myself to do anything about it other than to maintain a state of general alive-ness.  here’s what you missed:

1. finally went to walgreens, and it was TOTALLY ANTICLIMACTIC. like epically anticlimactic if you think about all the fretting i’ve been doing about going there for months and months.  i bought some hair elastics and a bunch of 4/$1 pretzel m&ms. oh, and a digital thermometer on sale for $3.25. everyone was super nice and friendly, nobody treated me like i might be shoplifting, and i learned that they do take coupons on clearance items. will return. hopefully next time with more climax [MORE CLIMAX].

2. cvs on forest ave is apparently having another 75% off cosmetic sale. mostly NYC color, and rimmel, and some loreal. got some pretty good stuff for the makeup project for no money after coupons. coincidentally, if anyone finds really inexpensive but cute makeup bags anywhere, FLAG ME THE HELL DOWN. the rest of the cosmetic stash is coming along quite nicely, but i have almost nothing to put it in. this could turn out to be problematic and/or expensive down the line. boo!

3. flea markets are OPEN! i went to montsweag & arundel this weekend to check out the action, and scored myself some very hot vintage jewelry and a bag of home made buttermilk donuts. i would say that both places were about 1/2 capacity- due i’m guessing in part to the weather and also the fact that it’s still early in the season. regardless, still fun to poke around and find some bargain-y goodness. hopefully in the next few weeks everyone will be at full sail (my nancy drew collection is almost complete!).

4. i rode around in a white limo for 2 hours with a sweet disorder and little eye designs (and a bunch of amazing people you wish you knew). kate got married today, and was all shades of awesome to be included in her hen night. mazel tov pretty baby (and mr. pretty baby)!

5. i saw bridesmaids and totally hated it. don’t get me wrong, the friend chemistry between maya rudolph and kristen wiig was good. and i give multiple thumbs up to the casting of hot irish guy from the IT crowd as the love interest, even if it was never discussed exactly why a hot nerdy irishman was a wisconsin state trooper. i just felt like it screamed “WE’RE TRYING TO BE THE FEMALE VERSION OF THE HANGOVER” a little too hard. i could have done without the really gross and over the top bits, they really did nothing for me except further camouflage the genuinely sweet story hiding underneath. that said, i did by “hold on” by wilson phillips on itunes while the movie was still playing.

for all my absence and my lack of actual weekend pickthroughs for a while, as it turns out i have shit for fun links. really, just this funny moment where people don’t realize the existence of the onion… and then this photo gallery of wacky items from mcdonald’s around the globe (SPOILER: japan has a mchotdog, and it’s on the BREAKFAST MENU).

anyway, i’m back now. thanks for giving me a second to reboot, and i’ll see your sexy asses with another post tomorrow.



8 responses

1 06 2011

Wishing you a better week of shopping with more climax moments. By the way….pretzel M&Ms are the reason I gained some weight this past winter. Whoever came up with that idea should be clubbed to death with a scale.

3 06 2011

more climax moments for everyone! and i’m so with you about the pretzel M&M inventor. chubby lynch mob!

1 06 2011
The Dealer

I was grossed out that Walgreens sells live lobster…also, do you know if Montsweag is a good place to find records?

1 06 2011

lobster? you maine people are so weird. 😉

3 06 2011

it’s weird. maine is weird. i also totally forget that the lobster roll only comes to mcdonald’s in maine. i”ve never actually had one… but it makes me giggle a little that it even exists.

3 06 2011

i didn’t see much for records when i was there, but it was only at about half capacity. arundel had a bunch, and there’s this awesome guy named mike at the westbrook flea market that always has a TON. but yeah, lobster shouldn’t come from the place where i buy tampons.

1 06 2011

maybe you should avoid climaxing at walgreen’s in general. just sayin’.

but seriously, walgreen’s is not my favorite drugstore. i’m a CVS gal from way back when they were eckerd’s. in this area, at least, CVS is consistently cleaner and better stocked, and the stores are bigger/more spacious, so it’s a nicer shopping experience, which is important to me.

3 06 2011

i’ll be honest, my heart will ALWAYS belong to CVS. it was my first, and i have never had better deals anywhere else. i go to rite aid because it’s across the street from my job… but i feel like walgreens will always be the stepchild that i don’t love as much as my real children.

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