the jumpsuit chronicles.

5 01 2011

so it looks like i’ll be contributing more regularly to the goodwill of northern new england blog with my second hand fashion exploits, and i’m SUPER EXCITED about it. not only is it a chance to write for another cool local blog (especially one attached to such a super worthy cause as goodwill), but it’s also a really fantastic excuse for me to expand my ailing wardrobe.  in case you haven’t already heard the story a thousand times, i gained 30 lbs. 2 years ago, and have been exceptionally reluctant to buy bigger clothes. even when faced with the persistent reality that this is just the size that i am now,  i still  just can’t bring myself to invest in a wardrobe in a size that feels like it belongs to someone else. this is very stupid.

anyway, this new goodwill gig is a great way for me to ditch the unhealthy body image game, support a great cause, and remember why i love clothes shopping in the first place (and still maintain my budgetary goals). basically, it’s a win, win, win (with a side of win) situation (FTW).  i have a new post up today about an legendary sweater shopping weekend (OMG CASHMERE), but instead of just straight up posting links to my goodwill stuff, I thought it would be fun to give you guys some super secret outtakes from my horribly awkward and poorly lit fashion shoots (anyone out there want to take pictures of me- the boyfriend is a willing but unable photographer!).

so this week at goodwill, i  wrote about 3 awesome j crew sweaters that i bought, but what i didn’t mention is that i also found this most amazing 80s jumpsuit for $2.50 (way to go red barb!)! it’s totally ridiculous, and kind of makes me look preggo (or that my just be some post-xmas salt bloat), but i love it anyway. thinking about wearing it this summer with really tall platforms and some sort of giant gold belt. please note the button detailing on the sleeves and pants cuffs.  if only i had an animated gif of me operating the full frontal zipper.




13 responses

5 01 2011

Oh my goodness! I love, love, love your posts… they always make me smile and often make me laugh out loud (with, not at, you)

Love the jumpsuit!

10 01 2011

thank you for the fabulous compliment! hey, even if you are on occasion laughing at me, i’m still providing entertainment. i think i’m going to start looking for more jumpsuits to add to my wardrobe… maybe 2011 is the year of the jumpsuit!

5 01 2011

Um I would LOVE to be your Goodwill fashion forays photographer. Just say where and when. littleeyedesigns at gmail dot com!

10 01 2011

seriously? that would be totally a-some. i’ll email you soon and we can talk about getting together next week. p.s. awesome giveaway on sweetersalt! laura is super cool.

5 01 2011

I LOVE JUMPSUITS. That one is too fun.

I bought this amazing black, tube top number at H&M on sale (no one else was buying them apparently) and felt like the bomb walking around in it. Then came the issues. My fiancee would not be seen with me in it, apparently he is anti-catsuit. Then, I wore it out for drinks with friends and it literally fell apart. The side zipper totally shredded out (perhaps why it was on sale) forcing me to buy an ugly sundress at a hippie shop (the only store open in the old port at night apparently). So, my jumpsuit experience was short lived, but I look forward to hopefully finding another next year.


6 01 2011

I will holler “give me sexy” at you in a changing room stall, just tell me when!

10 01 2011

oh, i’ll give you sexy. big bloated jumpsuit wearing sexy!

6 01 2011

dude. awesome jumpsuit. i would gladly accept one should you find an extra.

7 01 2011

i’ll keep my eyes out. as far as i’m concerned we should all be wearing matching jumpsuits ALL THE TIME!

8 01 2011

That jumpsuit is amazing!

10 01 2011

thanks! i just need to find the perfect occasion to wear it. any ideas?

10 01 2011

Honey, there is no perfect occasion to wear that jumpsuit, it is awesome and should be worn anytime, anywhere!!! I LOVE IT and love this pic. You do NOT look pregnant and if winning a burlesque competition does not help you feel as amazing as you look, then I don’t know what to say. Enough of the bloated blah blah blah 30 lbs blah blah. Sassafrass. Rock that jumpsuit!

And congrats on the Goodwill gig! 😀

10 01 2011

P.S. Thank you for posing with lit-up plastic Santa goodness. Yay!

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