kix ass.

4 08 2010

as of late, this bog has diverged away from the hardcore couponing that once was the center of my universe. which is not to say that i’m not still clipping, organizing, and deal hunting to some degree, but i was also starting to get the pre-symptoms of the dreaded coupon burnout. expiring extrabucks… neglected deals… cereal stash dwindling… but whenever i’m too busy or lazy to do my own research, or too filled with malaise to write about any deals i might happen to stumble into,  i can always count on  the coupon moms of the world to be there not being fuck ups and getting shit done. i like moms need to know (regular deals + she likes classic rock and is kind of a wino), of course my beloved coupon goddess (high heeled shoe addict who makes stockpiling sexy), and our very own local powerhouse, the money saving maine-iac.

basically, if there’s a grocery or drug store deal in the 207 area code, she’s got it first and probably better than i do.  case and point, yesterday afternoon i hit the shaw’s to do my grocery shopping for the week. for some reason our mailman stopped delivering the shaw’s fliers on thursdays, so i’m now forced to look online if i want to pre-plan my shopping (which i’m usually too lazy to do, and i most definitely was distracted this week with new puppy goodness), or pick mine up at the grocery store. this week it turned out to be DOLLAR DOUBLER WEEK (basically it will double coupons with $1 value, so there’s lots of opportunities for FREE STUFF!), and as usual, i was monumentally unprepared with coupon inserts from the last 2 weeks unclipped on my  coffee table. damn. but back to the kix. initially, i’d skipped over the cereal aisle completely in my haste to finish my very last minute shopping for the week (shamefully, i didn’t even make a list, and as a result will be eating string cheese and pirate booty for dinner this week). but lucky for me, i gave the flier one last flip through before i headed for the checkout, and there it was- kix @ 3 for $6. a steal anyway, but i fortuitously had a fistful (6 exactly actually) of $.75/1 coupons from (not sure if they’re still available) which doubled to be $1.50/1! $.50 kix. awesome! even awesomer– apparently when you buy 3 boxes of select big G cereals, you get a FREE GALLON OF MILK. so not only did i get 6 boxes of cereal for $3, i also got coupons for 2 free gallons of milk. and if that isn’t a good deal, i don’t know what is.

so i run home to go report my important kix related findings to my readers, thinking that i have scored some sort of immaculate secret deal or something… come to find out that money saving maine-iac reported the whole situation on THURSDAY (and was way more thorough and awesome about it). so my point is that if you’re looking for the perfect source of great maine-centric grocery deals, really awesome giveaways (i need to get the hook up- i don’t know how she gets all that awesome stuff to give away), and  the location of every really great coupon in the state… money saving maine-iac is your woman. blog crush? absolutely. i am both totally jealous of her great site, and totally grateful that she has so much amazing info (because lets face it, i am way lazy and inconsistent), and you should be too. (now go shower her with the love that she deserves).



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4 08 2010

That’s wild! Thank you for the bloggy love.

5 08 2010

you’re very welcome. i’m a big fan! happy anniversary!!!

4 08 2010

what i need, is for you to blog about dallas deals. can you do that? because i can’t bring myself to read most of the money/coupon blogs. mostly BECAUSE they’re way too focused on the deals. but see, if you just blogged about dallas deals, intermittently with your crazy-naked-dancing and puppies, we’d be set!

5 08 2010

i don’t even know what grocery stores you have in texas! also, i would have to change the name of my blog to broke207 + dallas (or maybe “now with extra dallas!”). i can only imagine the evil that lurks in the southern coupon blogs. but hey, at least they’re not the midwestern homeschool big love insanity… i’d say that you should start your own deal website… but it’s a lot of fucking tedious bullshit. naked dancing and puppies are way more fun.

6 08 2010

but hey, at least they’re not the midwestern homeschool big love insanity

no, here they’re all tea-partying get the guvmint out of my bizness but ALL up in your bizness if that bizness has anything to do with not being christian, straight and white! whee!!

don’t get me wrong. i LOVE texas, but conservatives pretty much bite, and we are just inFESted with them here.

10 08 2010

and it is for that reason, that i am still sort of terrified of texas. i’m pretty comfy holed up in my new england blue state fortress. which is not to say that we don’t have tea partiers and the like, but especially in portland where i live, they are the minority. i don’t know how you do it! the religious right makes me bleed internally.

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