weekend pickthrough- puppy adventure edition

26 07 2010

squeeeeee! it is confirmed. a shiba inu puppy will be descending upon my universe NEXT WEEKEND. there is much to do in the way of puppy proofing, and scheduling of vet visits, and other such unexciting administrative whatnot… but for now (before i have to cover up my furniture and purchase a product called urine gone), let us just revel for a moment in the glory that is THE PUPPIES. i still don’t know which one will be coming home with me, but considering the fact that i have considered stuffing all of them in my purse and running at one point or other, i don’t think that disappointment is really a possibilty. oh, and here’s the weekend pickthrough or something… (although wouldn’t you just prefer to look at puppy pictures instead?)

a real live escort spills her dirty secrets (to some dude named woody).

best parallel parking job EVER.

how do i get this guy’s job? (not that i have a thing for bieber, but i do love that tiger beat)

could you wear nothing but the same six articles of clothing for a whole month? these shopaholic bitches did.

my favorite fashion blogger expands her empire to tumblr.

i thought that hobo spanx were bad, but i draw the line at self surgery.

i’ve been too much of a pussy to try out reusable feminine hygiene products, but the fearless girl with the red balloon makes the conversion effortlessly. should i go for it?

the portland food-cart world has a shockingly vicious underbelly (ok, more like marginally passive aggressive underbelly, but still).

ludicrous dress codes of the world unite!




13 responses

26 07 2010

That puppy is too cute! Thanks for including my link! And let me be the first to say – Go for it! 😉

29 07 2010

you’re very welcome! i’m totally enamored of your blog, and you’ve absolutely convinced me to get my alternative feminine hygiene on.

26 07 2010

Try a Diva Cup. Seriously. I don’t wax poetic about my period all the time, but this is totally worth it. Since I started using a cup, I mostly forget that I’m bleeding. It’s awesome. It has MORE than paid for itself. I talk to customers about them constantly, because I have little shame, and though I try not to, I always end up saying that it changed my life.

Yes. Best thing ever.

29 07 2010

are you saying that if i get the diva cup going on that i’m suddenly going to be writing sonnets to my bleeding vag? life changing is a serious claim. i think i’m ready to put it to the test 😀

30 07 2010

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Wanna fight about it? (:

26 07 2010

Shiba puppies! Too flippin’ cute! We have their larger cousin the Akita and absolutely love her to pieces and keep looking for another one. One purchase that is needed with a Shiba or Akita — a good brush! You should be set the first year or so when they still have their puppy fur, but get ready for fur balls the size of your head! You could seriously knit a sweater with their fur — and people actually do it! http://www.inhabitots.com/2009/01/14/sustainable-cat-hair-sweaters/ Have fun with your new pup — are they in Maine, any still available?

29 07 2010

the breeder definitely gave us the lowdown on hairball season. i heard that those pledge pet hair sweepers are good, but i think i might pass on the dog hair sweater… the puppies are in new hampshire @ a place called nozomi shibas. i know we’re not the only interested party, but there could potentially be some left. you should give them a call!

27 07 2010

Congrats on the puppy!!! Shiba Inu are great, we just love them, especially our little Katsumi Firefox. Your puppy looks adorable, I’m totally excited for you!

29 07 2010

thanks! i’m super psyched. it’s nice to see someone give their shiba a japanese name! we’re going to call ours kazuki.

27 07 2010

I still haven’t brought myself to use a Diva Cup but I have to say using Glad Rags at least at home isn’t bad. They are really comfy and as crazy as it sounds I feel like my flow definitely lessens when I use them. That said I only use them at home and the gross factor isn’t bad, I keep a bucket under the sink to soak em till I do the wash. Almost any reusable feminine product while costly upfront will def pay for itself in no time.

Cute puppies.

29 07 2010

the consensus seems to be that i should go for the diva cup! i’m still very skeptical, but i’ve got to try it. getting rid of that rubbermaid bin full of tampax under my sink would be really liberating.

29 07 2010

I’m one of the most squeamish people I know, and I STILL love my Diva Cup. Seriously, it’s the best invention ever. Give a holler if you decide to take the plunge and have questions. Bit of a learning curve on those things.

And (don’t ever tell my girls I said this or I’ll never live it down) after seeing that picture I TOTALLY want one of those puppies!!! Too cute for words. Can’t wait to hear about life with a puppy.

29 07 2010

you are the 3rd person i know to recommend it to me! i had no idea. i thought it was some sort of crazy fringe group of earth mothers or something. but as it turns out, real regular people are using it all the time and just not bringing it up in conversation. i’m sold. i will most definitely be trying one out. as for the puppy, i am told that shiba puppies are the cutest of all the puppies. maybe when it gets a little older, we can take it on a walk up bradbury with the girls. it can be like a surrogate puppy.

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