i’m guest post famous.

14 06 2010

i’ve always wanted to write a guest post. i didn’t have any idea where, or about what,  but the honor of being asked by another blogger to write for them just seemed like it would be totally awesome. as it turns out, i was correct! the very amazing chris over at part time vagabond recently gave me the honor of writing a little article about budget travel tips that made its debut this morning. what i love about PTV is that it’s grounded in reality. it isn’t all “let’s jetset to morocco for a long weekend”. it’s about the eternal struggle between wanting to aimlessly wander the globe while still tending to the responsibilities of things like jobs and pets and property ownership. chris is all about escaping when you can, and finding adventure in even the shortest jaunt. it’s everything that is amazing about travel, translated into real life. anyway chris, you rock, and thank you for letting me get my stink all over your kick ass website!




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15 06 2010

I’ve been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it – good laughs. Many moons ago I worked for a dentist in Augusta – Chuck Munier – any relation? Just wondered because it’s not a common name.

15 06 2010

CRAZY TOWN! that’s my dad!!! Maine is a small state indeed 🙂

15 06 2010
Chris Cavs (Part Time Vagabond)

You’re quite welcome! Thank you for contributing something so awesome to the blog. I hope you can become a regular on PTV. I love your writing!

16 06 2010

you bet your ass i’ll become a regular contributor. good times!

15 06 2010

Small world indeed. Tell him that the dental hygienist who picked out the craaazzy hot pink dental chair says hi! I worked for him right out of DH school in 1975 for a couple of years until I moved to Portland. Wonderful man. I do believe you were the munchkin who spent some time at the office tick tocking in a swing in the waiting room while your Mom did errands.

16 06 2010

i LOVED that hot pink chair. it was my favorite thing in the office. i’ll tell him you say hello! are you still practicing in the area?

17 06 2010

I loved it too – he was a brave man to let me have it! After I moved to Portland I practiced in Yarmouth for a few years and then went into business with my husband, where I remain. We live in Falmouth and have a 14 y/o daughter.

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