weekend pickthrough- franchise invasion edition

13 03 2010

maybe it’s because i’m in mourning for corey, or just because i’m rocking a heinous cold, but this week was kind of a bummer. i felt overtired and out of touch. uninspired. usually i collect a bucketload of linkworthy material over the course of the week that i weed out for the pickthrough. but this week, i found myself with a mere 2 links in my holding tank, neither one of which were particularly amazing.  last night i stayed up too late trying to claw through a week’s worth of material and came up with something, anything, but i’m still not satisfied. however, the time has come to move on. be it somewhat uninspired, i present to you a few small morsels of note:

r.i.p. corey haim. i kept a picture of you under my mattress when i was 10.

trader joe’s is comin! (we hope. a lot.)

and so is johnny rockets! admittedly, i haven’t heard dick about johnny rockets, but they have choclate malts  and a boca burger, so i’m not complaining.

zen and the art of orange cutting.

just because your contract rider says brown rice & kale, doesn’t mean that you don’t actually really want twinkies.

the classiest possible way to respond to a non-vitation.



6 responses

13 03 2010

Johnny Rockets kicks ass. I ate at the one in Atlantic City and when you sit down they give you a nickel to put in the lil jukebox by your table and you can pick whatever song you want and it’ll play thru the whole place. They have awesome milkshakes too. And I know you aren’t a meat eater but the burgers are awesome too!

15 03 2010

i love ass kicking! (assuming that it’s not my ass getting kicked). i also love atlantic city. giving people access to the jukbox seems tricky though. hopefully the selections are tolerable. i’d hate to be stuck in a restaurant where something heinous like “margaritaville” just gets played over and over and over.

16 03 2010

It’s all stuff like Elvis… 50’s stuff to go with the diner theme they have goin on. So there’s no Jimmy Buffett… you’ll be safe! LOL

16 03 2010

thank fucking god. elvis i can deal with. jimmy buffet, not so much.

14 03 2010

Johnny Rockets has great milkshakes, you will like it.

15 03 2010

sweet!! i am a sucker for a chocolate malted milkshake (reason 397 that i could never be vegan), hopefully johnny will treat me right!

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