weekend pickthrough- who’s johnny edition.

19 02 2010

you may not have won the gold (or silver, or bronze), but you’ll always have my heart glitterpuss! i mean johnny weir! and thanks to a randomly high google image search ranking, the picture i posted of you a few weeks ago has since driven over 3,000 people to my blog (your powers are great).  on a semi-related side note, let’s take a moment or two to reminisce about johnny 5 with “who’s johnny” by debarge from the short circuit 2 soundtrack. yum!

i’m afraid of the christmas tree shop in exactly the same way i’m afraid of mimes and people in mascot suits. the lovely and fearless portland penny pincher takes one for the team and stakes it out national geo style. (spoiler- they accept coupons!)

will i ever grow out of having to give blow jobs? 3 portland foxes tell it like it is.

you give them $10, and they send you… um… something.

a giveaway blog that features things that i might actually want! (sorry christian cookbooks and diaper coupons… i just can’t.)

i got fleeced on foursquare by an imaginary monkey. also people, i can’t be the mayor of everything- get your asses playing!

here’s some double dipping that won’t end in tragedy! check out the oscar nominated short films of both the animated and non animated variety@ space gallery saturday & sunday.

in case your town isn’t lucky enough to have its own valentine’s  bandit, sam cousins documents it all (in the loveliest way possible).



4 responses

19 02 2010

Thanks for the Valinko! And not thanks for getting “Who’s Johnny” stuck in my head.

20 02 2010

i won’t lie, i’ve had “who’s johnny” on my ipod for YEARS. no surprise that according to several of my friends, i have the worst musical taste on the peninsula.

21 02 2010

what in the hell is going on up there in portland w/the blowjobs? according to these experts, i should have been all done (or at least limited to major holidays) 1 kid and/or 4 years ago. someone should alert my husband

21 02 2010

i think that first comment was the only one from one the the kdgorgeous “experts”. the rest were just people lamenting the flaccid (pun intended) state of their sex life. especially with the arrival of viagra, i’m sure that there are still some grannies out their getting down on their knees every now and again.

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