double dipping.

19 02 2010

i guess this makes me kind of a sucky coupon lady, but i’m not really that into rebates. sure, rite aid single check rebates are great and all, because you enter your receipts online and then they keep track of the rest. as for any rebate that involves saving receipts, filling out forms BY HAND, and hauling my fat carcass to the post office…mmmm not so much.

i’m sure at this point in my life my general laziness has cost me hundreds of dollars in would-be cash back. oh, and free grapefruit spoons. i completely screwed the pooch on that one too. but every now and then (ok, almost never), the stars will align just right, and my laziness will somehow no longer be a factor in my ability to get more free money/stuff.ย  remember last weekend when i got in just under the wire (by about 30 minutes) for my rite aid P&G “grab the gold” rebate? most people bought their stuff ages ago (and probably got better deals). but not me! and now, this poor planning and general laziness is coming back to benefit me. woot!

via a twitter tip from savvychicsavings earlier this week, i found out that there was a $100 P&G coupon book up for grabs for those of who can manage to spend $50 on P&G stuff between 2/1-4/15. hey wait, i just did that! and magically, i managed not to throw out my receipt. it’s a g-d christmas miracle.

now if i can only manage to wander to the post office before april, we’ll be all set.

in the event that you are more enthusiastic about receipt hoarding and envelope licking than i am, there are actually a shit ton of rebates out there ripe for the plucking. get to it!



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19 02 2010

You’re not the only one who waited to that ‘last minute’…lol. I wanted to score that P&G Coupon book, too.

19 02 2010

Many thanks for the shout-out! I managed to miss the Rite Aid SCR deal, so you’re miles ahead of me ๐Ÿ˜‰

19 02 2010

thank you so much for your sweet compliments! i’m a fan of yours as well! i often wonder how many deals the other coupon lady bloggers out there actually end up cashing in on. sometimes i feel like i’m so busy writing about it, that there isn’t really time to shop!

19 02 2010

Sadly, I’m pretty sure that P&G rebate is not valid in Maine. What’s up with Maine and the no rebates? Same thing with all those saucy Olay rebates…

19 02 2010

i’m so bummed out! how could i not know about this? now riddle me this… i’m going to CT this weekend for gambling- can i get $50 worth of P&G out there and then cash in? or will then not send the coupons to maine even if i bought the products out of state? it’s a conspiracy i tell you!!

19 02 2010

Oh Allie. Darn. The P & G rebate is void in our state. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

19 02 2010

thanks for the tip! i’m totally wrecked about it. i feel like p&g coupons are the unicorns of the coupon world- so rare. so desired. oh well, at least now i don’t have to go to the post office! ๐Ÿ™‚

19 02 2010

With the Fusion/Venus/Free Olay body wash deal at Target I spent over $50 (well really spent like $15). Unfortunately I bought the Olay before the body wash rebate started!

19 02 2010

hey, at least you get the coupons. and who knows- another body wash deal could sneak up behind you in the dark at any time (sexxxy!). as it turns out, rebates hate mainers. at least my sloth hasn’t cost me as much money as i thought!

19 02 2010
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