the baking day cometh.

1 01 2010

it tends to snow a lot here in maine. yesterday, despite the fact that it wasn’t really scheduled to snow until saturday, we got dumped with a few unexpected inches. thus, the boyfriend decided that it would be best for us do our grocery shopping after work instead of doing it on saturday as we planned. after work, on new year’s eve, in a snowstorm. woot!

did i mention that it was the baking day shopping that needed to be done? fuck. i hadn’t sorted out my coupons yet or even made a list of everything i needed. quickly over lunch i scratched everything together that i could, but it wasn’t ideal. also, the super walmart was too far away for us to risk in the snow- it had to be shaw’s. which sucks, because while they’re good for the odd crazy deal on cereal- their everyday prices are way high. double fuck.

well, according to henry rollins (hands down the coolest guy ever), when life hands you lemons you say “oh yeah, i like lemons. what else you got?” so i did. i can’t go letting myself be bummed out about the pennies nature prevented me from pinching. my first baking day is going to be a clusterfuck, i just need to accept that now before things get really messy. here’s the damage:

*please note that the boyfriend and i split the groceries roughly in half (not including impulse crap- thats all me). this total represents only part of the total, and the full baking day total for the both of us was $74.82.  which actually isn’t bad, because our usual grocery budget is $60 a week for the both of us.

baking day groceries bought at shaw’s: $38.01

non-baking day groceries bought on impulse: $18.95

baking day groceries bought at whole foods: $7.38

non-baking day groceries bought on impulse: $12.27

my part of the baking-day total= $45.39

my hopeless and indulgent impulse buying= $31.22

god i suck so hard at this! perhaps i can make this my last really outrageous overspending of 2009? time to start the new year with a level head. (or maybe not).



2 responses

1 01 2010
The Coupon Goddess

Ok, crazy idea. Why don’t you do your baking day around what you have in your pantry? If you do that, you will spend so much less money. Just a thought 🙂 Happy New Year!

2 01 2010

i’m weirdly not much a stockpiler when it comes to food. i could definitely stay alive for a while on the contents of my pantry- but i don’t know that i could synthesize anything that could be considered a meal (unless you know of a magical dish that involves ramen noodles and corn syrup). however, if this baking day jig works out, i may reconsider buying in bulk. 🙂

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