cleaning house.

28 12 2009

so yesterday was my last trip to the grocery store for 2009, and it was time to clean out a few more expiring coupons that i didn’t want to lose.  unfortunately the super-cheap morningstar farms deal at target didn’t pan out. my master plan was to stock up on chix patties & fake hamburger crumbles using the $2/2 coupon from the target website, and the $.75/1 coupons from the tearpad i scored months ago (ultimately getting them for like $1.50 per box)… unfortunately, all the crumbles were gone at my local target- and all i managed to get were 2 boxes of chix nuggets… boo-urns.

it’s tough to make the decision to go crazy on a deal that isn’t totally amazing, but i decided that since i needed to stock up for baking day- and because i wasn’t guaranteed any more morningstar coupons anytime soon (they are stingy with them!), that i would just go apeshit and buy 14 packages (the boyfriend and i each bought 7) @ the walmart where they generally sell for $3.39 each (which is the best price in town). $2.64 a package isn’t earth shatteringly amazing (although they’re almost $5 at shaws!)… but it is a good solid price- and i have more than enough to last me the next two months or so. i made the same concession on the kashi go lean honey almond flax cereal that i love. i had 2 $1.50/1 vocalpoint coupons left, and i was able to get 2 boxes at $1.78 each.  kind of meh, but i would rather get an ok deal now, instead of tossing my coupons to the wind and hoping something better comes down the pipeline. the good news is that food is transient. if the ultimate deal should come down the road- there is still room in my freezer to accommodate.

p.s. that big block of ice in tupperware in my freezer contains my credit cards. that way, i have to take the time to thaw them out (and think about it), if i really want to use them.




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28 12 2009

Love your blog. Here’s a link for a printable Morningstar $1/off q.

28 12 2009

double thanks!!

28 12 2009

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29 12 2009

Hi Bess;
So I got the biggest laugh an hour ago when cleaning out boxes in our cellar. (Yuck! Ages old stuff!) anyhoo, I guess I thought about once a nonth cooking long ago because I saved a cook book published in 1983 (it hasn’t seen day light since I packed it 13 years ago!) Titled Once-A-Nonth Cooking A Tine-Saving, Budget -Stretching Plan to Prepare Delicious Neals. (notice the key between N & , is stuck so I substitute N’s often) Anyway I thought of you right away and ran up stairs to drop you a line. 🙂 Good luck on your baking day!

29 12 2009

that is truly amazing. hey, 1983 was a good year! admittedly i was only 5, so i don’t remember that much… but according to my cursory online search it was the year of “beat it”, the a-team, and return of the jedi- so how could it possibly be bad? i dare you to try it!!

31 12 2009

Love the frozen hunk of credit card idea.

31 12 2009

it’s shockingly effective! i think i’ve only thawed it out once in the last year.

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