the bottom.

30 11 2009

apparently, this is what $37 dollars looks like. remember that problem i was having with throwing money at my problems? guess who just threw $37 more dollars into the black hole? this time, delirious grocery shopping without a list. i feel like it’s one of the mortal sins of budget consciousness to go to the grocery store without a plan. i lapsed right back into my old ways again, and came out with virtually nothing for way more than i usually spend on food for the week, and crazy shit too. let’s recap:

bottle of wine $7 oops. but i’m so tense!

box of balance bars- $6. double oops. they’re only $4ish at the walmart (and i usually can scrounge a $1/1 coupon), but after the black friday mess, i just couldn’t go back there…

$4 for “just for one” cauliflower w/cheese sauce? i know these are waaaaay cheaper at the walmart, but i was hungry and reminiscing about the most incredible cauliflower cheddar soup i had a caiola’s yesterday. something tells me this isn’t really going to measure up.

$2+ dollars in random juices- BOTH of which turned out to be kind of gross. i was thirsty and desperate.

a bag of fancy pants olive chips. there was a $.55/1 tearpad! they tricked me! it was only like $2, but i definitely don’t need them. i also possibly don’t want them- bonus!

i actually did buy a couple of things that i needed… eggs (always cage free, always expensive as hell), frozen pizza (for when i descend back into sewing hell and need to count on the boyfriend to feed me), milk, a couple pieces of fruit (of course the most expensive kind… i’m talking to you pomegranate), and a newspaper… but it looks like almost nothing. $37 dollars on almost nothing. seriously, if i knew my groceries were going to be this depressing, i would have bought 2 bottles of wine (or at least a jug of carlo rossi).



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