suckbucks update.

15 11 2009

100_swag_bucksso a while ago i decided to try out the whole swagbucks thing, and it turned out that it was kind of stupid. well, i’ve continued to play with it over the last few weeks, and it’s still stupid- but i want one of these, so i’m randomly stabbing at it every now and again to see what happens.  and i do mean random. my game is that once or twice a day, i will go to swagbucks and quickly search for 10-15 topics that pop into my head. so far, i’ve won bucks for:

giraffe underpants

purple petticoat

colonoscopy need

and the mother of all randomness- CANTALOUPE NIGHTMARE got me $2 swagbucks today.

on a related side note, if you go to twitter once or twice a day and search for “swag code”, you’ll usually find one. if i get 1 swag buck for random searches, and 1 from twitter codes, i’ll have my $50 gift card in slightly less than one year. um….

$561 bucks to go.




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15 11 2009

It doesn’t seem to matter what you search for on SB, I search for the exact same things every single day (in the same order!) and I always get at least one in the morning and one at night. I just search for the sites I go to instead of using my favorites. I’m saving them for Amazon gift cards to cash in for a Wii Fit… I’ll probably have enough by the time they discontinue it for the next big thing. 😦

15 11 2009

curious to know what your searches are. i usually just do stream of consciousness ridiculousness… thus, cantaloupe nightmare! 🙂

15 11 2009

Facebook, Hip2save, google, aol, I usually get the swagbuck on the first or second search of the day and the second or third at night. I tried random searches for a while too (as well as just hitting search over and over again for the same thing, which doesn’t work by the way. ha!), but realized I usually just one one hit in the morning and one at night… I’d probably get another during the day, but I don’t use it at work.

16 11 2009

you’re smart. i wonder if i would have better luck if i stopped searching for crazy crap and started searching for more mainstream stuff. i wonder what their secret formula is?!

16 11 2009

I have to tell you a funny thing. You’ve probably already figured it out but after you’ve claied your swagbuck continue your search. Then hit your backspace key and you can clai your swagbuck again. I always double dip. 🙂 Yep I can be a tiny bit greedy.

16 11 2009

no i haven’t figured it out! (i’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes). thanks for the kick ass tip! i’m going to go double dip right now 🙂

18 11 2009

I search your website, aol, hotmail,,, instead of hitting favorites button type it in.

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