rite aid, you know what i like.

15 11 2009

rite_aid_sky_signdespite 8 FULL PAGES of useless xmas crap (seriously- step away from the snuggie!), rite aid still has a few good things going on this week:

crest + scope toothpaste is on sale for $2.69 with a $2.69 SCR and a $1/1 coupon in the 11/1 p&g brandsaver. woot!

olay quench is on buy one get one 50% off. in general, this is unremarkable- BUT, marie claire had that bogo coupon for quench lotion plus a $3/1 coupon- which should equal free lotion- or close to it. on a somewhat related tip, my lucky magazine this month also had just the bogo coupon in it. lotion load-up extravaganza!

nut crazy! select planters, emerald, & blue diamond nuts are all on bogo. there’s some nice coupons for emerald in 11/8 smartsource ($1/1 & $1.50/2), and some ok coupons for blue diamond ($1/2) in the 11/15 smartsource. there’s no real available planters coupons (unless you’ve scored some tearpads), BUT in addition to the $5 SCR when you buy $15, you can double dip into the “put some jingle in your holiday” rebate- where you buy ten participating products and get $10 back. i should go and scope out how much they cost, but if they were $3 a piece, you could take out both rebates and break even.

free tic tac chill! on sale for $1 each + that $1/1 from the 9/20 redplum (that you might still have if you’re lucky). also under the same umbrella- mentos gum is also on sale for $1, and with a $.55/1, $.45 still ain’t bad.

holy toilet paper batman! ok, so quilted northern 12-packs are on sale for $5.99- good price… AND there’s a $5/2 rite aid video values coupon rockin’ right here… AND you can print out two of these babies (hopefully these work for the regular tp, not just the soft and strong… otherwise there was apparently a coupon in the 10/11 redplum that mainers didn’t get..)= 24 rolls of pretty decent TP for $4.98.

tresemme is on bogo this week too. if you’re still holding on to your $1.50/1 video values coupon from last month- you’ll be getting two products for not so much money.

arrid and arm & hammer deodorants are on sale for $.99! there’s never coupons for these, but if you need to pad out your order a bit in order to use a $3/$15 or something… these are great donate items.

garnier ultra-lift is $12.99 this week (seems totally reasonable next to the olay pro x-tra expensive line), plus- there’s a $5 SCR, and a $2.50/1 coupon in the 11/8 redplum. combined with that $3/$15 i was just talking about and a couple of freebies (tic tacs and toothpaste maybe?), you can take it home for $2.49.

oh, and if you didn’t already blow your $2 SCR load on kotex (like i did), you can get these bitches for $.99 (free if you were lucky enough to have a $1/1 from the october all you).

*UPDATE* the very savvy money saving maine-iac let me know that there’s a SCR for kotex just for this week- which means we can all do the deal again! also, money saving mom tipped me off to this sweet $1/1 coupon on ANY KOTEX! free maxi pad bonanza yo!



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15 11 2009

Hey there’s a seperate SCR for the Kotex just for this week so you could “do the deal” again. Also I’ve figured out the link up so post your purchases and link up! I’d love to see what you found.
peace out,

15 11 2009

and i will! thanks so much for the tip. rite aid and i are hot and heavy right now, but i’m still fairly new to the SCR system. i think i need to review my SCR flyer to make sure i’m not missing anything else.

15 11 2009
The Coupon Goddess

Ok, I’ll confess, I bought a snuggie for my kid last year at Kohl’s (with coupon). The worst part?? We LIKE it! I know it’s nuts but it is pretty darn cozy. I’ll creep off in shame now.

16 11 2009

no need to feel shame! i’m sure the snuggie is perfectly fine. it’s just that the slanket was conceived in maine- and i feel a very fierce sense of state pride. also, according to gizmodo- it’s a more quality product. however, if i was cold (and i often am in the land of 7-month winter), and someone offered me a snuggie- i’m sure i would take it and enjoy it 🙂

19 11 2009
karmic balance. « broke 207

[…] rite aid adventure on saturday, i was flying high this week with what i thought would be an incredible take-down at the rite aid, and an easy extrabuck flip at cvs. apparently, sending that snarky email to the kinkos guy who […]

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