geriatric mambo.

2 11 2009

geriatric_needs_oandp09rite aid is for the elderly again this week (from flexamin to fiberchoice and back again) . which is fantastic, if you’re over 75… but i’m very much not, which means no real deals for me. there are a few small bits and pieces that i might pick up if i’m in the bargaining mood… but i think i might also skip this week and save myself for some slightly livlier deals:

always maxi pads, liners, and tampax tampons are on sale for $2.99 with a $2 SCR. use any number of $1/1 or $1/2 coupons floating around, and you can have those suckers for free or cheap.

febreze air effects– which i deem to be the least offensive of the spray air fresheners, is on sale this week for $2.49 with a $1 SCR. there was a $1/1 in this weekend’s p&g brandsaver, getting you a can for just $.50.

cheap cereal! there’s a $.50 in-ad coupon for certain kellogg’s & kashi cereals this week, plus it’s on sale for $2.49.  if i use a couple of my vocalpoint $1.50 off kashi go lean coupons, i could get myself a box for $.50.

mentos gum is on sale for $.99, and i have a couple of $.55/1 coupons from the 9/13 smartsource. $.44 is pretty good i guess… but i remember when gum used to cost $.25, and i’m not that old!

crest & oral b– there were an assortment of $1/1 coupons in this week’s p&g brandsaver, when combined with the $2.50 sale and $1 SCR, could equal $.50 toothbrushes or toothpaste.

lastly, since i’m always looking for prilosec/omeprazole… 42 count boxes of prilosec are on sale this week for $24.99 with a $6 SCR. i also have a $3/1 coupon from both last month & this month’s p&g brandsaver… which when combined with a $5/$25 (it looks like the link is gone… but if you printed your 2 and save them…) could equal $10.99 prilosec- which is pretty good for prilosec, but rite aid brand omeprazole works just as well, and is significantly cheaper- even after coupons.



2 responses

3 11 2009

How in the world did I miss the free always pads? Good eye!
Thank you

3 11 2009

thanks very much, but the credit goes entirely to erica although it did inspire me to print out an SCR shopping list from the rite aid website and let the cross referencing begin!

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