fine tooth comb.

1 11 2009

raceug. trapped again. my cvs advisory panel extrabucks are expiring this week, and i need to roll them or lose them. no surprise that the cvs deals this week suck hardcore. blood sugar monitors as far as the eye can see… maybe a little metamucil on the side. anyway, after very very carefully sorting through this week’s cvs flier over the course of the entire first friday the 13th movie (FYI- way more boring/ridiculous than i remember from when i was 8), this is all i could find:

fruitopia & viologie hair care are on sale 2/$5. using 2 of the $2/1 coupons (one each for viologie & fruitopia) that i pilfered from the stack of loose “reinventing beauty” coupons hanging out at the forest ave. store= $.50 each.

softsoap ensembles- not sure of the price, but at they’re listed as $5.99 for the pump, $2.79 for the refill… if that’s true, and i use the $2/1 coupon from the “reinventing beauty” mag + that buy one pump, get $3 off the refill from the 10/25 smartsource… $4 extrabucks = $.22 profit (unless of course the prices are wrong or if they adjust down the $3/1 coupon). basically, it’s risky, and likely not too work.

if there are good coupons in the paper this weekend, i could possibly also go for some cheap gillette razors, and (if i can score 3 more $1/1) 4 oral b toothbrushes for $1.76. still, weak cvs! weak!



2 responses

1 11 2009

UGH – that reminds me of my $5 in Walgreen’s RRs that I have to use before the 4th. I do not need anything from that store this week….What I do need are fresh fruits & veggies. Do they have a SuperWalgreen’s that carries that stuff yet?- LOL!

3 11 2009

at least you have a walgreens. we’re getting one soon, but it’s not here yet. i feel like the deals in general have been kind of lame lately. if you can’t find something worthy to roll them- you can always just splurge them on something you want that isn’t on sale. i’m considering buying tights with mine (winter has arrived!).

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