weekend pickthrough- spooky edition

30 10 2009

12487it’s halloween yo. there’s things to do of varying price ranges and family friendlinesses all around the city (and surrounding metro-area). also, there’s some other stuff worth checking out that’s not halloween related. and here it is:

the best southern maine (well, mostly portland) halloween jazz on friday and saturday for under $10:

spend the ghost hour under the stars.
take a walk among the shadows of the old eastern cemetery.
ride the ghost train.
dance with the dead.
shocking secrets! tragic deaths! despicable villains!
baltic cyborg blisters.
get lost.
get your fortune told and your fancy tickled at the halloween carnival.
nothing scarier than devo! covers.

some unhalloweeny deals & entertainment to help massage your candy hangover:

i’ve always wanted to know how to become a secret shopper.
i will be loading right the hell up on cheap ass cheese this week.
why wait for coupons to come to you? go out and get them!
get knocked up on the cheap.
stock your local food bank.
why did i no know about snackpicks?
$.99 potatoes!



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