i spy- free pizza.

28 10 2009

NEWMAN:S OWN PIZZAanyone who has bothered to read through my overly lengthy grocery shopping posts, knows that me and paul newman are tight.  all natural ingredients, reasonable prices, totally delicious, and totally charitable. well, i spied today as i was defrosting my newman’s thin & crispy cheese pizza that now if you sign up for netflix via the newman’s own url (www.netflix.com/newmansown), they’ll send you 2 FREE PIZZAS (well, coupons for free pizzas). netflix is totally amazing (especially for a bum like me who still incurred late fees even when she worked across the street from the video store). not only do you get to borrow the movies for as long as you like, you can also watch all sorts of movies online whenever you want, while you eat your 2 free pizzas (usually like $5-$6 before the $1/1 coupon that you can usually  scam somewhere- so that’s a pretty sweet deal).



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