the stink of cvs.

25 10 2009

ashley tisdaleno matter which way i turn it, there really isn’t anything at cvs that i’m wanting this week, which would generally not be a problem if i didn’t have $10 extrabucks ready to expire. right now i have two passable scenarios that aren’t great- but that don’t weigh me down with extra garbage. i’ll sacrifice a few fake dollars for that!

if it’s around (which it often isn’t), i’ll be scoring a few cans of free campbell’s soup.  it’s cold out already, and grilled cheese and tomato soup in my favorite (make it with milk and throw in a can of diced tomatos & it’s even better). on sale for $1 for 2- plus this coupon right here.

i was one of the lucky ones who got the free dispose-o-brushes or free candy from cvs this week. definitely going for the candy. 

i think the deal i’m going to use to semi-flip my ECBs is going to have to be either:

1. dove & degree deodorant: buy 6  (4 degree & 2 dove) @ 2 for $7 + $6 worth of random newspaper degree & dove coupons= $15 with $10 ECB  in return- 6 deodorants for roughly $.84 ea… but i’m down $5. 

*UPDATE* thrifty tiff seems to think that this $2/1 coupon for dove visibly smooth will work for this deal (which would actually make it pretty sweet). any thoughts?

2. zyrtec 14-count: buy 2 @ $13 ea. use two $2.50/1 coupns, get it for $11 after ECB. now that i’m looking at it, that’s not really that great. screw this deal, i’m going with the deodorant.

wow. both of those deals really suck. if only i still had a $5/$25 from the flu quiz!



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25 10 2009

I came across your post linked on the Money Saving Mom site…your sense of humor is great….funny thing, when I think of a ‘comfort meal’…grilled cheese & tomato soup is pretty much up there. And, I do hate it when I have bucks to spend but don’t need a thing – or they have sucky ‘deals’!!! ARGHHH!

26 10 2009

here in maine, it’s bundle-up cold for well over half of the year. i’ll be needing to stock up on soup like a crazy person if i’m going to make it through alive! thanks also for your sweet compliment! sometimes i think i’m the only one who thinks i’m funny 🙂

26 10 2009

The CVS I use and most in the Detroit Metro area will take Extra Bucks up to one month past the expiration date.

26 10 2009

awesome! that’s good to know. i should really ask next time i’m in cvs.

8 11 2009
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