slumming it.

13 10 2009

beef jerkymy mother always used to joke “i should have left it, where i saw it, at marden’s” after perusing a rack of water damaged prom gowns on the one and only time i ever remember entering into the store as a child. i’ll admit, there isn’t a whole high class ambiance in the wire bins full of tube socks and beef jerky (including conspicuously placed definitions of “best if used by”).  it’s dirty, poorly lit, disorganized, and weird. it’s also home to the single most terrifying ladies room i’ve ever been in. REGARDLESS, i love that place. every time the economy (or a fire or flood) takes down a department store or high end boutique- marden’s is there to pick up the grubby little pieces. after a particularly grisly trip to the fabric store (columbus day coupon bonanza!), i thought i would stop in for a bit and peruse the new merchandise. excitingly enough, i found- at 66% off: trina turk, nanette lepore, citizens of humanity… and all pretty good stuff too. also, this amazing pair of $600 guiseppe zanotti platforms (why do i not wear leather!?) for $99.  killer, but still pretty pricey. my plan is always to wait a few weeks and keep checking in (the key with marden’s is to STALK, STALK, STALK), and hope that at least a couple of the pieces i have my greedy eyes on go down a few more percent (and they always do). in the meantime- $13 calvin klein bras (nice ones), a smattering of french connection, and tons of american apparel shorty shorts and tanks for under $5.



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3 11 2009
i spy- $1 american apparel @ mardens « broke 207

[…] spy- $1 american apparel @ mardens 3 11 2009 i reported a while ago that there was some american apparel jazz happening at mardens, but i went back this weekend, and […]

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