cvs heartbreak.

13 10 2009

cvssaleshelfTRAGEDY! i won’t say that i’m considering breaking up with cvs, but the honeymoon period is certainly OVER. i’ve had 2 big-time cvs disappointments in the last few days (not to mention this week’s barren shopping forecast), and it’s starting to test my devotion.

1. so i finally got my very first invite to do a survey for the cvs advisory panel! the elation! i sort of weirdly enjoy surveys anyway, but i got to answer a bunch of questions about upcoming advertising promotions in exchange for $5 extra bucks. woot! except, not woot. my extrabucks wouldn’t print. i kept getting the same printer error over and over (different computers, firefox, internet explorer…). it won’t print. so i email the cvs advisor help line… nothing. 4 days and nothing. BUMMER.

2. today was an unexpected disappointment. i went into the cvs on brighton ave because i wanted fiddle faddle (which, might i add, they DO NOT CARRY), but i also always check out the clearance area- because sometimes you can find some really kick-ass deals. bestill my heart! biore skin preservation products for $2-$3.75!! and i have $2/1 i’ve been hoarding from a tearpad early this year.  i also found ponds facial towlettes for $1.83 each! with this coupon they would have been $.33 ea. i grab a cleanser for $2, a moisturizer for $3.75, and two packages of the towlettes… and then when i get to the register- everything turns sucky. the manager says that they can’t take coupons on sale items anymore. something about having to enter in the product manually- and then having to scan the coupon in order to get credit from the company… BALLS!!! has anyone else had this problem? i know that rite aid scans the product, and then adjusts it for the sale price- so they still take coupons on sale goods- but do they have $2 biore? NO! it’s still a good price, but when it comes to stuff that i just want to try… free is the only answer.



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