chubby lover.

11 10 2009

fatcvs wants me to be fat, at least this week. everyone knows that halloween candy purchased anytime sooner than 24 hours before halloween will be consumed in a very non-trick-or-treaty fashion (namely, slowly stuffing down fun size snickers after snickers deluding yourself that the candy bowl still looks just as full). anyway, i A) usually go out on halloween,  B) live in a condo that doesn’t get many trick-or-treaters, and C) have gained 30 lbs this year (gory details here), and candy isn’t helping me get back into my skinny jeans. I DON’T NEED CANDY.

cvs is woefully unaware of this (or at least doesn’t read my blog), and everything worth buying this week at cvs is full of g-d calories and delicious nougat. who needs a half pound peanut butter cup? who gets so many trick-or-treaters that they need to buy $20 worth of candy?! no wonder americans are so f-ing fat.  cvs, you may have sent me a coveted $4/$20 coupon this week, but i’m going to have to let it languish.

* revlon bogo might be worth bo-going if maine ever got revlon coupons- but for some reason, WE NEVER DO! i’m outraged.



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13 10 2009
cvs heartbreak. « broke 207

[…] cvs heartbreak. 13 10 2009 TRAGEDY! i won’t say that i’m considering breaking up with cvs, but the honeymoon period is certainly OVER. i’ve had 2 big-time cvs disappointments in the last few days (not to mention this week’s barren shopping forecast). […]

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