supermarket failure!

5 10 2009

supermarket100409kind of a lame week at the grocery store. failures on multiple levels:

1. after the texas pete scandal, i decided that i would give frank’s red hot sauce a chance this week at the grocery store. somehow managed to lose my $.50/1 coupon somewhere between the car and the store.

2. shaw’s promised me $1.88 asparagus. it was all gone by 4:30 sunday afternoon. got green beans at the same price instead. still wanted asparagus.

3. shaw’s also promised me $.99 herbs. herbs were available, but UNLABELED, and there was a big handwritten note stating that only select herbs were $.99. decided not to bother pursuing.

4. the only tasty vegetarian hot dogs i’ve ever found cost $4.19 a package and never have coupons.

5. shaw’s was out of head lettuce, non-organic carrots, and walmart was out of cream of wheat.

6. the .$40 coupon i hoped would double on my $1.69 larabar didn’t double. though tasty, $1.29 is way too much to pay for a single granola bar.

all in all, i spent $41.77 on food for the week (not counting at least one eat-out date), about $10 more than usual. sometimes i feel like i’ll never get good at this! i feel like the other budget bloggers out there are so exacting in their craft that they never have fuck ups, or just get lazy and buy things full retail?

a few small victories:

1. had a $1.50/1 off shaw’s catalina for a california pizza kitchen pizza, and a regular $1/1 to stack with it, and got the pizza for $2.99.

2. shaw’s did have the bag salads for $2.00. although it looks like the tearpads are long long gone (or perhaps never were in maine?).

3. thanks to a $.60/2 old el paso, and a $1/1 ortega, i got a package of 8″ flour tortillas, a can of refried beans, a jar of salsa verde, & a can of green chiles for $3.46.

4. planned on buying one container of taziki for $4.99, but they turned out to be BOGO, so that hurt a little less.

5. finally got my free box of honey sunshine (thanks vocalpoint!), and it comes with a free sample, and a $1/1 coupon for stretch island fruit snacks.



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