rite aid is gross this week.

5 10 2009

dentures_glassi mean, my rite aid is gross every day. at least our sudden bout of torrential rain this weekend washed away the vomit and pee smell from out back. i’m serious, my rite aid is out of control. but even more seriously rite aid- scalpicin? polygrip? no thank you. i don’t care how free it is. i don’t care if i make money buying it. if it’s not usable for me (or my immediate family) or donatable, then i don’t buy it. ever. i refuse to burden my household with 58 accu-check blood glucose monitors!! there are however, still a few hidden (and not so hidden) deals worth scoring:

1. more $3 zyrtec! theres an in-ad $8/2 when you buy the $14.99 eye drops (which i’ve been meaning to try), and the 30 count zyrtec ($18.99). so, if i combine that with the two $4/1 coupons i have for each product, and the $5 off $20 from the video values– october edition, it takes it all down to $12.98 OOP.  then, after last week’s zyrtexplosion, that will push me over the $50 edge for zyrtec rewards, to get a $10 gift card. woot!

2. free soup. fall is here, which means grilled cheese and soup season. nothing beats campbell’s tomato soup, except maybe free campbell’s tomato soup (or chicken noodle if you’re into that sort of thing). $.50 ea.  + this $1/2 coupon, and you’re all set.

3. $1 craisins. coupons.com has $1/1 craisins for rite aid only this week, and they just happen to be on sale for $4/2 (as detailed in last week’s weekend pickthrough).

4. $1 band aids. on sale this week for $2 ea. everyone else seems to be reporting a $.50/1 coupon for band aids, but i know for positive that maine got $1/1 in a recent SS insert. the bf works in a bindery, and is constantly covered in cuts. time to stock up.



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