finally! something at cvs worth buying.

5 10 2009

cvsit’s been a few weeks since i bothered to head to cvs for any of their dirty-dirty extrabuck deals. it’s either been stuff i don’t need (body lotion & blood glucose monitors), or stuff where i don’t have the right coupons to make it work. but this week, i’m looking pretty good.

but first, i face a number of challenges as a couponer:

1. i am not a mommy, and most of the coupon sites don’t really care about me.

2. i refuse to buy unnecessary garbage.

3. i am a vegetarian (that includes no-seafood).

4. i don’t have a driver’s license (so i generally end up walking to make my deals happen).

5. i live in maine, and we always seem to get the short end of the coupon stick (NO REVLON COUPONS!).

6. i live in portland, maine and none of my area CVS-es have magic CRT machines. so basically, if it doesn’t spit out at the register, i’m boned.

and i found one more to add to the list today:

7. i’m a fervid brand loyalist, and i won’t settle for substitutions. i do occasionally like to try new things (aquafresh iso-active!), but i’m 32 years old, and at this point-  i know what i like.

anyhow, i heart dove soap. it’s the only soap i use. sure, sometimes i get the classic, and sometimes the aloe, or the one with the microbeads… but always dove- ever since i had enough money to make a choice. anyway, i’m down to 1 sad bar (not counting the half finished one in the shower)- and there hasn’t been a good deal on it for a long time. UNTIL TODAY!

right now, there’s a spend $20 get $10 extrabucks deal going on for dove soap 6-packs (and some other crap that i don’t care about). they’re $7 a piece, so i will need to buy 3 to get the deal. there also happened to be a coupon in this weekend’s paper for $1.25/1 6-pack. double sweet. also, i got a $5/$25 for taking that inane flu-quiz.  so let’s see… $21 – $5 for the flu quiz, and then $3.75 for the coupons… is $12.25 OOP – $10 in extrabucks back= $2.25 for 18 bars of the soap that i like. SCORE!

to make up the difference of the $25 i need, i’ll get the colgate total & the tone soap freebies to donate. now cvs can take their time on the dove deals for a while, i think 18 bars should last me for a bit.



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7 10 2009

I’m an almost-empty nester, I have a son in college, but I definitely don’t fit the “mommy-blogger” stereotype. We are also semi-brand conscious–I don’t mind trying a new brand if I can get it for free, but in general, I like my brands. I find I do better with on-line coupons, or signing up directly with the manufacturer’s/brand sites. I have occasionally ordered coupons from Coupon Clippers, but that’s not a regular thing. And I feel your pain about the coupon inserts-even in the sunny south, only major metropolitan newspapers get many of the “good ones”. When I first started deal shopping, I tried to do every deal–but after buying men’s hair color because it was a money-maker, I had to draw the line! I read on some blogs that they donate this, but come on, if they’re homeless or needy I really don’t think they’re worred about their haircolor. I have a weekly Mr Linky for deals post called “mission possible”, and I try to emphasize “buying the things we need and can use (or realistically donate!)” I would welcome your link ups any time–I could use more interaction outside the “mommy blogger” norm, lol!

At any rate, good deal on the Dove–this is also my favorite soap–I love the cool moisture (the green with the cucumber) it’s all I like to use in the tub and shower–I may need to head back to CVS to do this deal myself.

8 10 2009

WE LOVE Dove soap too. &&&&& our website is for everybody, not just mommies.
Check it out

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