the week in shaws.

2 10 2009

shawsi’m pretty lazy.  luckily for me, the mommies are not. no matter where you live, some gracious soul is home right now, compiling all the  freebies and coupon match-ups you can shake a stick at, for any store you could ever want. living in the northeast there seems to be less of a saturation, and most of my favorite sites are rife with posts for kroeger, meijer, and publix… the likes of which i have never even seen- let alone shopped at.  however, there are a select few out there who do represent new england (i like frugal living and having fun, money saving maine-iac, and old fashioned new england saving), and for that, i am totally grateful.

i scanned the shaw’s flier yesterday, and i can’t say that i’m totally jazzed. a little something called “can-tastic savings” is going on, and the truth is that i don’t eat a lot of things in cans.  also, it’s a stupid stupid name. not much for in-ad coupons either.  it will probably be a walmart only week, but if i do get out to the shaw’s, this is what i think is worth buying:

Goya Beans 2/$1.00-i use a lot of black beans when i cook, and this is a great deal, even without coupons. (although they do have a kind-of-fun sweepstakes on their website, if you do that sort of thing)

Fresh Asparagus $1.88lb- this is a decent price, and i find the quality of the produce at shaw’s to be overall pretty good (vs. walmart super-sketchness)

Del Monte Tomatoes 10/$10– apparently there’s a $1/5 from a recent redplum that we may or may not have received in maine, that would make this an even better deal.

Wild Harvest Organic Fresh Herbs $.99- i really need to grow my own, but this is an excellent alternative for now.

Fresh Express Salad Blends 2/$4– i’m so lazy, but i’m also so busy, and these guys are good. AND, according to hot coupon world, there may be a tearpad coupon for up to $1/1 lurking somewhere in the produce section.

straight up, not too much going on. i say too much junkfood, not enough bargains. perhaps hannaford will put a jersey on this week and have something worth buying.



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