good mail day.

25 09 2009

DSCN1930let it be known that the world of coupons extends far outside the newspaper and the internet. actually, the very best coupons come via snail mail. sure, becoming a really great couponer involves learning the rules, searching for great deals, having a good organizational system… and so on.  however, regardless of how well you’ve trained yourself, the  most amazing deals can only be had when you have kick ass high-value coupons.  these coupons are scored in a couple of ways:

product testing. i love vocalpoint.  it’s a product testing community (ok, for moms, but the coupons are really awesome) where they routinely send you a free sample, and/or a fistful of high value coupons (that you’re probably supposed to share with your friends, but probably won’t). apparently you can also get similar stuff from pssst and other product review websites that are attached to specific brands like kraft first taste.

magazines. specifically, all you magazine is built for couponers (and extremely geared toward style-less stay-at-home mommy types, so proceed with caution), and has relatively high value coupons on pretty much every other page. yes, the actual magazine is kind of terrible, so i don’t actually attempt to read it as i would a real magazine. generally i just flip through, scissors in hand, and suck it quickly dry of all its bounty. you can currently get a one-year subscription on amazon, for about $20. totally worth it. on a side note, most women’s magazines (glamour especially) will have a coupon or two hiding inside. look carefully through the magazines that you actually buy, and the doctor/dentist’s office is a great place to mine for freebies in magazines that are better left on the rack.

online freebies. no need for hunting down individual deals, leave that to the stay-at-home moms! in the coupon/freebie universe- someone else has invariably done all the work for you. i like, but there’s a ton of websites that compile all the current going free stuff that you can get.  it sort of sucks at first, but if you diligently apply for a few a day, eventually, your mailbox will be a playground for sexy free samples and accompanying coupons… i’ve gotten cereal, soap, condoms, tampons, you name it.  as a matter of fact, today i received free travel deodorant (+ $2 coupon), a sample of granola (+ $1 coupon), and some random sale coupons from the gap. it really pads the disappointment from the bills and junk mail.



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