rite aid lunch break

23 09 2009

rite aid trip 092309so, i don’t really love rite aid. unlike cvs, who spits the cashback rewards (extra bucks yo!) right at you @ the time of purchase, riteaid makes you apply for something called a “single check rebate”. admittedly, i think you get back actual money instead of in-store only money… but the waiting… and the receipt saving… and the online blah blah blah… i’m not into it, which means not as many great/free deals. however, i work across the street from a rite aid (the hobo-iest one on the peninsula- eat that west end meth heads!), and sometimes if you pay really close attention to both your coupons, and your fliers (and of course great websites like iheartriteaid.com)… you can still find some pretty kick ass deals.

currently, there’s a coupon promotion going on called rite aid video values. basically, you watch some boring videos online, and they give you coupons in return. watch a bunch, get a totally sweet $5 off of $20. anyway, so i take omeprazole for acid reflux (i know, i’m such an old lady), and it’s usually between $18-$22 a box for 42 pills (what a rip!). anyway, i figured i could use my hard won (like 15 fucking videos later!) $5 off of $20 to get a decent deal on the pills, and while i was at it, pick up a couple of sweet sweet deals/freebies along the way:

-ge extra soft white lightbulbs- 2/$4. in-ad coupon for -$3 = 2 packs of lightbulbs for $1.

-clean and clear face wash for 2/$9- -$3 any clean and clear for watching some dumb video, plus -$1 from a weekend coupon insert= clean & clear face wash for $.50.

-crest nature’s expressions- on sale in the clearance area (ALWAYS CHECK THE CLEARANCE AREA) for $.87. bought 2 and combined with -$1/2 coupon= 2 tubes of toothpaste for $.74 (or $.37 each if you’re that kind of guy). i don’t use this brand, but will be donating it to my favorite local cause the preble street resource center.

-8-pack of fun size baby ruths @ $1- found a coupon online for $1/1 (which i now can’t find, but i’m sure is somewhere) and got them for free.

-and of course the omeprazole- usually $22.99, on sale for $19.99, with a -$5 in-ad coupon bringing it all down to $14.99.

after all was said and done, total damage after tax= $13.55, for something i usually pay $20 for, and a bunch of extra free stuff. sweet.



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