how i accidentally bought 10 boxes of cereal.

23 09 2009

DSCN1926much to the great chagrin of all my lovely and brilliant uber-liberal socially/politically responsible friends, i grocery shop at super walmart (although the produce still icks me out a little). i know it’s wrong. but i’m broke, and i’m cheap,  and for the most part, the deals can not be beat anywhere in town.  for the most part.

flash forward to sunday circular day. even if i don’t generally shop there, i always check out all the grocery store fliers just to see if i’m missing anything amazing. and every now and again, i am. this week at shaw’s, i found the PERFECT STORM OF CEREAL BUYING. select kellogg’s cereal (mostly good ones) were on sale 4/$10 ($2.50 each is already a decent deal), with an additional $10 off if you bought 10 boxes (or boxes of select cookies & crackers). so i had 5 of these vocalpoint rice krispies coupons ($1.00 per box) burning a hole in my coupon folder, as well as a$.75 off frosted mini-wheats, and 2 $1.00/2 kelloggs cereals. ..  that’s $25.00 for 10 boxes, -$10.00 in-ad coupon, plus and additional -$7.75 in manufacturer’s coupons. that’s $7.25 for 10 boxes of cereal (or roughly $.73 a box). if you had better coupons, it could have been even less.

anyhow, picture me in the cereal aisle on sunday night, 10 minutes before closing, trying to jam 10 boxes of cereal into my basket and arms. i’m positive that i look like a crazy person when i’ve got a really good deal going. it’s my crystal meth.

anyway, currently cluttering up the counter of my slightly-too-small condo kitchen are: 3 boxes cocoa krispies, 2 boxes jumbo rice krispies, 1 box traditional frosted mini wheats, 1 box maple brown sugar frosted mini wheats, 1 box honey nut frosted mini wheats, 1 box apple jax, and 1 box frosted flakes. actually, the boyfriend has already gone through 1 of the boxes of cocoa krispies… but still, that’s a shit-ton of cereal.



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20 10 2009
$29.45 grocery store blitz. « broke 207

[…] SHAWS: the boyfriend actually ate his way through all 10 boxes of cereal, and it was go time again. $5/5 kellogg’s coupon in this week’s shaw’s circular. […]

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